292 - 10 Solid Typography Commandments
Mar 23 2015

10 Solid Typography Commandments

Typography is the style and appearance of printed matter and the art of arranging type. It’s everywhere and you may not consciously realise, but it has a huge impact on what and how we buy. It can make or break a design and ultimately effects whether you purchase a product or service. So, it’s not about slapping any old font into a design, it takes a lot of thought, ensuring it’s appropriate for the intended audience.


Here’s our 10 typography commandments that one must follow, you may have to repent for a few…


1. Thou shalt have self-control


It’s very easy to get carried away when there are thousands of wonderful fonts out there. But, (and that’s a big but), using several typefaces within a design can look messy, unprofessional and amateurish. Try out two, three at the most that complement each other, as well as represent your brand. Using fewer fonts will increase readability and brand recognisability.


2. Thou shalt take size into consideration


Size does matter when it comes to text. Consider your audience, your message and the space you have to work with. If it’s too small, people are going to squint, not bother and walk away. Although, oversized font can be just as sinful, so keep it looking legible, fitting and fabulous.


3. Thou shalt make it legible


Remember, there’s no point in having text if nobody can read it, is there? This could include overlapping, colour and imagery or backgrounds. Think about your target audience and ask yourself whether they will be able to read it easily.


4. Thou shall choose colours wisely


Colours are a great way to attract attention, but there are a few things to think about when it comes to using them. Some colours don’t work well for web or print and can greatly affect readability. Think about background colours and brighter shades, do they look right together? Also take into account that some people are visually impaired, so make it easier for them!


5. Thou shalt be cautious when combining fonts


Conflict can come between typefaces if they’re too similar or way too different. Fonts complement each other when they share some qualities, but also have a think about size, weight and font families. You can set yourself up for design disaster if you don’t choose font combinations wisely!


6. Thou shalt be creative


There are so many beautiful fonts out there it would be a sin not to take advantage of them! Try out different font combinations, styles and colours and produce something original!


7. Thou shalt kern it


Fancy fonts are fun and are great to attract attention, but sometimes they can be difficult to read, particularly ones with letters close together. Kerning is spacing in between in each letter and can really help when reading. Equally, mind you don’t space out or squish the letters too much!


8. Thou shalt not go over the top


We love a decorative font as much as the next person, but there’s always a time and a place. Too many fancy fonts can be overwhelming and can give off an unprofessional impression, as well as being frustrating to read. Use them sparingly for an effective impact.


9. Thous shalt not commit Comic Sans, Curlz or Papyrus


The sin of all sins. This commandment should never be broken, under any circumstances. They’re not cool and they’re not funny so just don’t, okay? That’s all we’ll say on the matter.


10. Thou shalt have fun


Typography gives you the freedom to express yourself and your brand in any way you like. Take this opportunity to have fun with your designs and use typefaces that will communicate with your audience and intrigue them.

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