244 - Hampshire Chamber of Commerce Social Media training
Oct 23 2014

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce Social Media training

As part of our work with Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, we offer regular social media training sessions with members and non-members.


Having an online presence is very important for all businesses. As fully fledged social media experts, we are in an excellent position to supply training that gives you everything you need to know about making the most of these platforms, so you can maximise ROI.




Our beginner workshop takes place at the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce offices in Fareham and covers a lot of the basics of social media including:


• How to set up Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for business pages and individuals
• The benefits of these platforms
• Specific tips and tricks
• How to post and interact with others
• How to find business through social media
• Increasing brand awareness




The intermediate workshop takes place at the One2create office in Droxford and covers a much more in-depth view of the social media platforms:


• Quick overview
• Demystifying terminology and how it aids interaction
• How to gain more exposure
• How to make your social media pages look professional
• Creating a killer content strategy
• Scheduling tools that will save you time
• Generate leads and sales
• Boost brand reach through advertising.
• How to make the most of analytics and reporting to boost your strategy


All of our workshops are open to both members and non-members of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce for reasonable prices, and they all include free lunch!


If this is something you are interested in contact the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce on train@hampshirechamber.co.uk to book your place!

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