257 - 30 Day Challenge - Office Makeover - The final instalment
Nov 10 2014

30 Day Challenge – Office Makeover – The final instalment

The final push to complete the office refurb took place on Friday 31st of October. It marked day 28 and as none of us fancied coming in over the weekend it was make or break time.


After watching a quick tutorial online, Rosie and Elly got to the wallpapering, they finished off the brainstorming area with some nice brick patterned wallpaper. I have to say that this really completes this part of the office and between this and the cool blackboard painted walls, it’s definitely my favourite part of the makeover.


While the papering was underway, Elli finished the final sort out of all of our samples, which has been an ongoing (tedious!) project throughout this 30 day challenge. Everything is now nicely sorted and stored in a new filing cabinet up in the studio.


Dave Foster and I spent the afternoon loading up the car with the last bits of rubbish for the tip and sorting out all of the spare furniture and monitors, which we are donating to Portsmouth in the Community. Everything is stored upstairs and waiting for them to come and collect it.


By 5pm all that was left was a final bit of tidying to get everything ready for the photos to be taken on Monday morning ready for our monthly newsletter to go out.


As with all 30 day challenges, it has been a lot of hard work. We did have a load of fun doing it (plus a couple of Nando’s lunches did help) and I think you will agree from the pictures that this was 30 days very well spent indeed!


Until the next challenge 😉


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