295 - Why Having A Strong Logo Is An Absolute Must
Mar 11 2015

Why Having A Strong Logo Is An Absolute Must

Your logo is the core image of your business. It not only represents your company, but you, your vision and your services. Logos are designed for people to recognise straight away; if they don’t take a second glance then you might want to get back to the drawing board…


So, why is your logo so important?


Your business has its own vision, cultural values and personality, but so do your competitors. This is where I emphasise that you must be unique in order to distinguish yourself from other companies in your industry. You can then use this unique quality and incorporate it into designing your logo, making it stand out.


When designing your logo, take into account the following factors:


• Choose colours, fonts, and sizes that your target audience will relate to
• Adapt it to all media and materials, tailoring it to digital and print
• Make sure it represents you, if you don’t like it, keep working on it
• Create several different designs – you may like parts of each design that you’d like to combine
• Don’t rush – allow yourself enough time to develop from initial sketches


Be consistent


If you’re serious about your business, you need to create a logo that will represent you long-term. Having to change your logo considerably every so often will lose your company brand recognisability. You don’t want that!


Think about the top brands out there, Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola for example, they’ve all had their touch-ups through the years, but none of them have changed dramatically. That is why they’re so globally recognisable. You may not be thinking as big as these giants, but it’s a great to keep in mind for when you design your own logo.


Getting it designed


Unless you’re a designer make sure you employ a professional. They’ll have experience in this area and it will save you time that you should be focusing on your business. Nobody will trust a company with a clip art logo, so don’t even think about it! 😉


As well as this, when you review the designs, go in with a fresh mind looking at it from the outside. This could help you critique and find areas for improvements, which you may find difficult when designing yourself.


Even if you have a small budget you can still make sure that your logo is well designed. Find someone who creates awesome work, in the long run you’ll thank yourself for spending that little extra for an amazing logo that you’re still using years on.


When designing your logo, keep these tips in mind. It’s so, so crucial that it represents who you are and reflects your company. Be unique, be appropriate and be creative!


We offer professional, innovative design services and have broad experience in producing logos for a range of companies. If you’re interested, check out our branding page to find out more!

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