What the is marketing anyway Inbound UPDATED - What the #!?% is marketing anyway!? Inbound UPDATED
Nov 27 2015

What the #!?% is marketing anyway!? Inbound UPDATED

Here we go with part two of our journey into the crazy world that we, at One2create, like to call marketing. We call it that, but you can’t because we own the rights to it, honest… no, I can’t pull that off!


In this article, we’re leaving our room full of people and getting our laptops out. We’re on a dating website looking for our perfect match. Having chosen the site we want to use, taking ages in Photoshop making sure our picture looks just right, (as if we would do that!) and worked long and hard on our profile so it sells us in the best possible light – we’re good to go. Now all we have to do is wait for our perfect match to find us.


Welcome to the world of inbound marketing!


Unlike outbound or “interruption based” marketing, inbound techniques work by your prospects coming to you and giving you permission to sell to them. How very kind!


With inbound marketing, content is king, and there are many ways in which you can get the word out about your business via content marketing.




These are a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, add credibility to your business and help with your search engine optimisation. Remember, be relevant and don’t try to sell. The trick is to be a great source of information. I would recommend starting off with two blogs a month and seeing how you get on. The more unique content you can produce the better!




Oh sorry, you lost me there, that video of the monkey drinking his own wee gets me every time! Viral videos are all well and good, but it’s probably better to establish yourself as an expert with factual videos about your business and how your product is going to change our lives forever. Don’t forget to optimise your channels with relevant keywords to help with those rankings now, will you?!




These bad boys are yet another way to rock people’s world with your badass industry skills. Every business that I know has some information that they can give away for free that is enough to be helpful, and establish them as experts in their field, without being the trade secret that causes them to go bankrupt. That is the sort of thing you need to write your whitepapers about.




Another fantastic way to get your message out to the world! Just don’t sell, sell, sell and remember to be interesting. No one wants to see a picture of your lunch or find out that you are “gearing up for the weekend”… amazeballs!
Tailor how many times you post and what content you push out to your audience. Test the water, see how it goes and change accordingly until you smash it!




The daddy of inbound marketing. So much so that we’ve already written an article all about the wonderful and slightly mysterious world of search engine optimisation… Click here for a gander.


Well that’s all for now and we didn’t even get to shout at the top of our voices how good we are in bed. Oh go on, lets do it right now. One…Two…Three…

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