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Mar 24 2023

What Makes A Great Logo


Having a beautiful website, a successful marketing strategy, and great copy is all well and good, but if people can’t identify your brand at first glance, then your business may not be reaching its true potential.


Your business logo is the first thing people see when encountering your brand. It should represent your ethos and what you stand for as a company and is your number one tool for being unique and standing out from your competitors in a creative and individual way.


There are many things to consider when creating or rebranding a logo to ensure that you appeal to your target customers and make something that will catch people’s eye.


With over 20 years in the industry, we’re well-versed in working with businesses small and large, creating stunning logos and business brands. So with that in mind, check out our top five tips for effective logo design.


What makes an effective logo?

1.     Simplicity

Although colour and diversity are great, there is a huge difference between a creative and fun logo and an overcrowded one.


Some of the most successful logos out there are ones that are instantly recognisable for their clean, simple, fuss-free design. For example, the McDonald’s logo consists of only two colours and one letter and word and is instantly recognisable. The adaptation to the iconic design we all know and love took place in the 1960s as part of a deliberate simplification of their brand.


While creating a logo, it is important to think about brand recognition. The quicker your business can be identified, the better, so simplicity and boldness are crucial qualities of a good logo.


Consider using a consistent colour scheme that compliments itself so that it doesn’t look too busy or jarring and is instantly recognisable from a distance.


McDonalds Logo - What Makes A Great Logo


2. Branding

Considering your target customer is vital when getting your brand to stand out against your competitors. Do you work in a corporate industry or more creative? What is your target demographic’s age, identity and social background? Your logo should appeal to your audience and tell your customer what they need to know about your brand before they have even read anything about it, so getting the correct messaging across is vital.


If you’re from a corporate or professional environment, consider crisp, clean lines and neutral colours. Take Deutsche Bank’s logo, for example, which utilises a sleek, clear geometric shape giving both simplicity and gravitas.


Deutsche Bank Logo - What Makes A Great Logo


Image Credit: Elizabeth Xi Bauer


If you’re in a more creative or ‘fun’ industry, experimenting with shapes and colours is a great way to show your customers what you are capable of and what your brand stands for. In the past, we spoke about Milton Glaser’s iconic ‘I ♥ N Y’ logo, which he designed along with Mary Wells Lawrence to encourage tourism to New York City. The use of the love heart shape, bold colour and simple text has given the logo worldwide fame and encouraged numerous adaptations.


I Heart NY Logo - What Makes A Great Logo


Image Credit: Solid Branding


3. Psychology

Certain colours are often associated with specific industries, so considering the subconscious is essential.


The subconscious plays a huge part in a person’s choices about what they do and do not buy, and preferences can develop without customers even being fully aware of why.


For example, many medical/health industries opt for blue colour schemes to promote cleanliness and health. As well as this, blue can lend a sense of credibility, trust and professionalism, therefore promoting a trustworthy feel. Take Bupa, for example; their simple blue background is calm and simple, while the white brand name and ‘heartbeat’ logo add clarity to the company’s purpose. All of these are elements that fit with Bupa’s role as a healthcare provider, and clear communication is a vital part of what makes an effective logo.


Bupa Logo - What Makes A Great Logo


Image Credit: Equity Health


From your font choice, imagery and colour, the psychological impact that you create will significantly affect a person’s decision as to whether they are drawn in by you, so try researching your industry to be aware of these tropes.


4. Versatility


Does your business have online and offline platforms? If that’s the case, having a logo that can adapt to your various mediums is crucial.


Keep in mind the consistency of your logo and its ability to be used anywhere, no matter how small or how detailed the output is.


Your logo will likely be used not just across your website but also in print, important documents and even embroidery. So, consider whether it will be easily adaptable to suit multiple placements and looks professional on anything.


5. Visual Appeal


While it’s important to consider professionalism, no one likes looking at a boring logo. It’s your main tool to help you stand out, so making it pleasing to the eye is a must.


Consider the colour palette and whether your target audience would enjoy looking at it. Use complimentary colours, clear fonts and imagery you are proud of and would enjoy showing people for the first time. Logos should define your business and its personality, so don’t be afraid to play around and be bold to stand out.


A strong example of this is the Museum of London logo. The interesting colour palette has a hidden meaning, displaying the historic boundaries of London from the Roman era (navy), through the Medieval period (dark blue) and into modern London (orange), with the light blue outer circles displaying the expected future city limits.


The redesign was hinged on a more engaging, exciting logo than the previous, business-like design and has seen visits to the museum rise by 79%.


Museum of London Logo - What Makes A Great Logo

Image Credit: The Dots


Need a new logo?


If you’re looking for a rebrand of your current logo or are a brand-new company that needs a  new brand, we can help. Our expert team of creatives will work with you to understand your business and design a logo that will showcase your organisation at its very best. Whether it’s simply rebranding or creative print design, get in touch to find out how we can help.


O2C Logo design CTA - What Makes A Great Logo


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