130 - Top ten reasons to use social media
Nov 17 2014

Top ten reasons to use social media

The social media phenomenon has changed the marketing world forever. If your business isn’t currently active on social media you are missing out on the huge benefits that good social media brings with it.


If you are still unsure about social media for business, here are ten benefits that could just convince you.


1. Drives traffic to your website


It’s a known fact that good social media activity will increase traffic to your website. And we all know what a well built website and good calls to action mean.. sales!


2. Influences search rankings


While the process behind this is about as clear as mud, pretty much everyone in the SEO sector would agree that a social media presence has some sort of influence on search rankings.


3. Increases brand awareness


The more active you are on social media, the more you ca n get your brand name out there. Increased brand awareness brings trust, generating sales! Even if the lead didn’t come from social media directly, you’d be surprised how many people will research before they sign on the line.


4. Gives prospective customers an insight


People buy from people, social media is the perfect way to show prospective customers just what makes you different. Social media is the ideal way to show off your business’ personality and allows you to move away from the corporate tones and inject a bit of ‘you’ in the brand.


5. Monitoring/reporting


Taking advantage of social media allows you to monitor how far your brand reach extends. It lets you discover what people are saying about your business and products you offer.


6. Gives you a voice


With social media, you have the opportunity to respond to those people who are talking about your business. You can respond to good comments as well as try to deal with the bad and put things right.


7. Build relationships


Getting this voice allows you to reach prospects you may have never reached before. Take advantage of social media, use it as your window to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Over time, you may find that business will come to you.


8. Real time


At the moment, it looks like social media will never die out. The social world is about as instant as it comes and you can get your message out there super quick. Plus, you’ll find out about all the latest industry trends and hot topics online.


9. It’s FREE


This is the point most people love social media is free! All it takes is a bit of time and your business will soon be benefiting from the social flow. Even if you don’t have time to do it yourself, the cost of using a social media agency vs all the exposure your business receives… why wouldn’t you?


10. Replacing traditional marketing


The amount of time people (and businesses for that matter) spend on social media is forever increasing. People use these platforms for news updates, recommendations and so much more, making it replace some of the older, more traditional marketing methods.

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