Coco Cola logo - The Importance of Brand Consistency
May 25 2016

The Importance of Brand Consistency

Does your brand feel a bit ‘all over the place’?


Your brand is how your clients perceive your company, making sure it’s consistent is key. This can define the difference between an OK brand and a great one.


Branding reflects what prospective customers will think when they see your advertising, your web page or any company Social Media profile.


It’s important that these are well designed and carry a clear message as to what your company ethos is, otherwise your audience become confused and not don’t trust your brand.


When developing your brand or deciding what message you want people to see, think about your audience. Who will be reading? What are they interested in? Is what I’m about to post going to appeal to them?


Keep it clear and simple and then represent it in everything a potential customer will see e.g. profile image, social posts, design, marketing, advertising. In this way everything down to the tone of your publications will reflect the feel of your brand.


One company that keep their brand consistent is Coca-Cola. They have had pretty much the same design and colours since the 1900s.


Coco Cola cans - The Importance of Brand Consistency


Their logo is recognisable even in different languages as so many people have the red and white script logo engrained in their minds to mean Coke. Coke is committed to brand consistency and have are rewarded with a huge amount of customer loyalty.


You need to make your logo easily recognisable and be present it across all of your front facing media, such as your website and all social media platforms. Keeping to the same colour theme and design across all your platforms will create trust with your audience that they are dealing with the same company.


By keeping your message and tone consistent, customers will become more loyal to your brand. They will develop a relationship with it and know that it is reliable and trustworthy.


In turn, this will give them confidence that your brand is their best option. This means they are less likely to stray to competitors and more likely to recommend it to other people.


What other brands you think have achieved the success of Coca-Cola? What do you think is important when it comes to brand consistency? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook

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