Social media no no's infographic
Sep 20 2016

Social Media No No’s you need to avoid

The world of social media is vast, and nearly all businesses are joining the social sphere. However, you always need to take into account certain rules.


Below we’ve created a list of our top social media no no’s, so stick to the rules and you’ll never have to worry about annoying your followers again.


Social media no no's infographic


So there we have it, our top Social Media no no’s. What do you think? What rules do you think businesses should apply to their own social media?


We’d love to hear your thoughts, so head over to Facebook and Like our page here, or fly over to Twitter and follow us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Marianne Devereux

A key member of the marketing team, Marianne draws from her experience in the social media world to create dynamic content marketing campaigns. She spends her time researching new trends to roll out across our managed accounts, and is a dab hand at creating GIFs, memes and polls. Follow us on social media to see what she has to say.

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