110 - O2C Newsletter - May 2014
May 08 2014

O2C Newsletter – May 2014

Sorry for the belated newsletter this month, but as you all know from reading our last blog post, we’re making ourselves a brand new website!


It’s all go go go here as we are getting ready for the launch of the new website! It looks awesome (are we allowed to say that?) and we can’t wait to show you all. We’ve created a super modern and vibrant website in preparation for The Business Show in London this month.


Speaking of The Business Show. Remember you can still book a web health check with One2create MD David Harris.




CJH Cleaning


CJH Cleaning have hired us to build their brand new website, with full SEO to boot. We look forward to meeting up with them next week to get things on the move!


Luvvit Want It


A local company providing gifts and accessories based in Bishops Waltham, Luvvit Want It have hired us to design them an email template and set it all up for them. We enjoyed our catch-up with them this week where we went through all the options and are raring to go.


Little Shipmates Family


This collection of nurseries, all based in Hampshire, has contacted us to create them a shiny new website. We’re really looking forward to getting creative and playing around with some really cool colour schemes. They already have a strong brand, so it’s a case of making sure we make the most of it in the designs!






We designed and developed Virtua’s website a while back and now they have asked us to give it a little face lift by adding in some more imagery. We have met with them to discuss their ongoing needs for the site, so are in the middle of putting this to paper (or computer)!




Workshop Recruitment


Workshop Recruitment’s responsive website has been completed and is with them for testing, it’s looking amazeballs. We hope Workshop Recruitment love it as much as we do!


EDC Electrical


We’ve been busy designing away on this project! Following approval of the site structure, we have used their logo as inspiration for the website look and feel and have already been called ‘genius’… What more can I say?!


Basingstoke Fire Protection Ltd


We have also begun work on a shiny new website for these chaps! We’re in talks with them with regards to the structure to make sure we nail that first, then will come the fun bit for us!


Impact Sales Recruitment


Impact Sales Recruitment were really pleased with the designs for their responsive website. We’ve now built and tested it, so it’s with them now for final inspection before it is released to the world!


Pure Latitude Sailing


We’ve completed a marketing discovery for Pure Latitude Sailing and they are currently reviewing it! (Hopefully their brains aren’t melting just yet!) We’ve got more groundwork to do before we set to work on the designs – all to make sure we are hitting the exact mark with everything we do!




Arval Marketing campaign


Our latest project is now out of the door! It is all centred around an animation that we brainstormed and created in-house. It is always great to work with the guys at Arval – so much passion for what they do! Hopefully the animation shows that off nicely but you can be the judge! You can see it here.




There are LOADS of projects that are so close we can smell it! They have all come around like busses, so the next newsletter I write will be a bit of a long one! 😉




This month it was Dexter’s 1st birthday! He even got a real life cake. But he couldn’t quite grasp the concept of blowing out his candle… and taking the shot was fun in itself!


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