NEWSLETTER - O2C Newsletter February 2016
Feb 16 2016

O2C Newsletter February 2016

It’s been another hectic month here at O2C HQ, there’s never a dull moment that’s for sure. As usual, we have lots to update you on, with projects and company news, so let’s get started!






We’re very happy to be working with these guys again on their new UK and German website. The design is now completed and the team are moving onto the build phase. We’ll also be optimising their site for SEO. Lots to look forward to, so we’ll keep you in the loop.




Virtua have seen the initial web design and loved it. At the moment, we’re just making some mods to perfect it before we roll on to the build phase. Our animators are also working on their new animation, so we’re looking forward to seeing the final result of that soon!


Alpha Vets


The web team are currently building the site, which is looking mega if I say so myself. Our wordsmiths are also getting their heads down to finish the copy, ready to pass on to our web team. We would give you a sneak peek, but we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise now, would we?


Little Shipmates


This client recently opened another nursery and as we designed and built their site, they asked us to add an additional page to market their new location. They’ve now approved the page and we’ve scheduled a date for deploy! We’ll let you know when it’s live, so you can head on over and have a look.




After a productive kickoff meeting, we’ve started to build the site already! It’s looking awesome so far and we’re looking forward to the rest of the site build. In the meantime, our copywriters are getting stuck into the site copy. Keep an eye out for any updates…




Belmont Estate


We’ve already had an awesome kickoff meeting with this client and we’re really looking forward to getting started. We’ll be designing and building their new site, as well as providing our successful SEO services.






We’ve had the pleasure of working with Arval several times, so we were delighted when they approached us again. We’re offering our video editing service to make a few tweaks to a video that they’d like to reuse, which we originally created for their last campaign.


Alpha Vets


Back when we started with Alpha Vets, we produced a marketing analysis that they found really helpful. From this, along with other projects, they asked us for our social media branding and print design services to help gain more interest in their business. We’re full of creative ideas at the moment and have lots of things in mind, including flyers, posters, motifs and wall stickers, to name a few!




We’re very happy to announce that our new creative apprentice Ed, has joined the team. He will be supporting both marketing and web related projects, which is awesome, as an extra pair of hands is always useful too!


That’s all for this month, folks. Have a good one and make sure you keep an eye out for any company/project updates over on Twitter.

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