71 - O2C Newsletter - December
Dec 12 2012

O2C Newsletter – December



Reflecting back on this past year, it has most certainly been an interesting one! Like many businesses fighting against both the recession and the media’s best efforts to bring us gloomy forecasts of an impending Armageddon for the business world, we sat ourselves down and gave ourselves a good talking to. Off the back of that, we have learnt and achieved so much in just a single year, so here goes…


Wrap it up and put a pretty bow on it


This year alone we have created a host of beautiful websites, development projects, marketing campaigns, branding exercises, printed literature, social media and SEO projects – putting a smile on our clients’ faces – with the satisfaction that we have delivered exactly what they had on their wish lists.


Make your product or service stand out from your competitors – creating your perfect brand identity doesn’t have to be costly, but it’s a must if you want to be the best present under the tree.


The best Christmas dinner consists of the best ingredients


From the introduction of Agile methodology and scrum areas within the office, to the implementation of an internal web-based project management and communication system – we worked from the ground up to create a solid platform to launch our clients’ projects off the ground.


The way we see it, no matter how fantastically you are perceived – you can always do better. Listen to your clients to find out what trimmings they want to make their meal as enjoyable as possible.


It doesn’t just have to be mum in the kitchen


Looking at the cogs of a business, its overall direction and outputs don’t always have to be driven forward by the big boss or heads of department (let’s call them Santa and his elves). Yes, guidance and vision is a necessity, but by empowering staff, providing opportunities to shine and take responsibility – One2create has established a team that really ARE a big part of our growth and continued business success.


Exploit each other’s strengths and what you’ll find will surprise you – in a good way we promise! Working together is, in our minds, the only way forward. After all – it’s quite lonely in the kitchen while everyone is snuggled up on the sofa watching The Snowman on TV


Be generous with the gravy


This year we made a concerted effort to be knowledge givers. We have held presentations on the importance of having a good online presence, coupled with workshops and training days to educate Hampshire Chamber of Commerce members in the world of social media and plan to continue this through 2013.


Grab every opportunity to pass on your knowledge – believing in the theory of karma – give to others and you will reap the rewards a thousand times over. What’s more, it tastes nice and makes those sprouts go down a little easier.


So…. with the holidays soon to arrive, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Here’s to a fantastic 2013 for one and all.

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As our Commercial Director, Rosie keeps you in the One2create loop. Dishing out advice like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll be the first to know when it comes to getting better business opportunities with her insightful nuggets of info.

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