56 - O2C Newsletter - August
Sep 03 2012

O2C Newsletter – August

Anyone else out there thinking this year is going faster than any other before?


Agile like a cat:


With so much on at the moment, project management and making the business more efficient as a whole has never been more crucial. This month has seen the implementation of the Agile project management methodology and, so far, I’m pleased to say it’s been a roaring success.


When I first heard that we were going to be participating in daily scrums and sprints my mind flashed back to school days where, whilst us girls were all skipping and being generally girly, the boys were running around dragging each other across the playground and shouting “BUNDLE”. Needless to say these are a different type of scrum – so no grazed knees here.


Within our new process, the daily ‘scrums’ and ‘sprints’ (sounds tiring doesn’t it) have resulted in enhanced communication between our three in-house teams.


Projects are now running more efficiently than ever and we’ve seen the benefits of curtailing small issues before they can escalate into potentially larger ones.


For you, the customer, and our future clients this means we can deliver all of our projects in a far more streamlined manner, with immediate issue resolution and an even more cost effective output at the end.


New business:


Although we can’t say too much because of client Non-Disclosure Agreements, we are pleased to announce that fleet management giant, Leaseplan, has commissioned us to produce design work for an important web development project. I’m incredibly proud that we’ve been selected for this prestigious contract and the chance to build upon our existing relationship with Leaseplan is fantastic.


BT Fleet office kit-out:


August has also been a busy month for the interior designers and office planners in us! Our creative design and marketing teams worked together on concepts and branded collateral to kit out the BT Fleet office, with fantastic results and a very happy client at the end of it. Laurence Llewellyn Bowen eat your heart out!


In other news:


We are delighted to announce our position as headline sponsor for the Hampshire Business Expo in February 2013. This fits in well with One2create’s strategy to support local business events and comes shortly after we were announced as headline sponsor of the Portsmouth Business Expo, at Portsmouth’s Pyramid Centre this October.


Charity support:


We’re speeding along with our 2012 charity push by sponsoring the champagne reception at this year’s County Air Ambulance Gala.


We are proud to be sponsoring such a worthy cause and it also ties in nicely with our 10-year anniversary celebrations, which we’ve marked by becoming Gold Patrons of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce.


Phew, I’m off for a lie down – Here’s to September and another busy month at One2create.

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