46 - June 2012 Events
Jun 18 2012

June 2012 Events

What are you up to on 21st June? How about the 28th?


If the answer is getting married or going on holiday, then it’s time to rearrange. There are more important things going down.




The Hampshire Business Expo – 21st June 2012


One2create will be there, but incase that isn’t enough of a ‘draw’ we’ll be doing some live ‘drawing’ haha get what we did there? AHHHH AHAHAHAH….wow.


Well, it’s more live illustration really, but that wouldn’t have fit the pun! We’ll be producing another of our amazing canvas illustrations, so those of you who missed out on Business South, come and see what all the fuss was about!


At stand 20 & 21 (we were greedy so we got two) we’ll also be offering the latest advice and making ourselves available for a chat about your next marketing, web development or creative design project.


From SEO, to Social Media, brand refresh pointers and more – come and see us. We’re a friendly bunch and we’ll probably end up throwing in some nice sweets too – So if you’re on the edge and in desperate need of your next sugar rush – consider One2create your saviour.


It’s free to attend, it’s at the Apollo Hotel, Aldermaston Roundabout, Basingstoke




We’ve had a drum roll, what now? Ok, let’s have some jazz flute to introduce this one:


Let’s do business – 28th June 2012


In the town of Eastbourne lies a Winter Garden, full of magic and mystique….Oh and One2create, we’ll be there too. Mainly because we love magic and mystique.


SOOO what can you expect to get from us? Well we’ll tell you!


Yet again our specialists will be providing all the information and insight you need to get your next web design, marketing or creative design project on the road.


We’ll also be producing a masterpiece of art right before your very eyes. Our talented creative team will be showing off their illustrative skills, following the great success of our last illustration at Business South 2012.


That alone is reason enough to come and see us at stand 93, from 10-4pm. Once again it’s FREE to attend and might just be your golden ticket for the perfect marketing, web, or creative solution for your business.


For more information on the magical land that is The Winter Garden, and the ‘Let’s do Business’ event, click here Magical Land of mystique and mystery


You can follow all the action from the event on our Twitter feed @One2create, so follow us and join in.


Let us know if you’re going to either event by commenting below – We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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EC 150x150 - June 2012 Events
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