instagram nametag - Introducing Instagram Nametags
Aug 21 2018

Introducing Instagram Nametags

Whether you use Instagram for business or pleasure (read: cute animal pics and funny fail videos) then you might have noticed the Nametag tool that’s started to roll out across user’s accounts recently.


The Nametag tool is essentially a cooler looking QR code, specifically to be used to connect with other Instagram users. It allows you to create an image that users can scan within Instagram itself (no need to a separate reader app!) to then follow you. The image can either make use of existing emojis, a colour background or a selfie (with added accessories!)


instagram nametag 3 - Introducing Instagram Nametags


It’s a great move for those that use Instagram for business as it makes it easier to promote your account. Once created your bespoke image can be shared on online and offline media encouraging people to follow you.


It also also helps consumers find and follow accounts without having to type in usernames with multiple punctuation characters or sneaky underscores – WIN!


To find this new tool make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed and then head to your profile page. Once there click the Nametag icon to view your own, or scan another users.



instagram nametag 2 - Introducing Instagram Nametags


Want to see it in action? Open up Instagram, open the Name tag icon and scan our image to see the magic happen!


Want to know more benefits of social media for business? Take a look at our latest animation.

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