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Nov 04 2016

Soon you will be able to shop from Instagram

Instagram is aiming to create a seamless shopping experience for users of its app.


Many apps including Facebook and Twitter have started adding shopping buttons to posts, showing the impact mobile browsing is having on e-commerce.


Mobile browsing overtook desktop for the first time in October; many websites that aren’t mobile friendly could get left behind.


This week, iOS users in America will be able to see shoppable tags on selected retail brands images. Inspired by the trend of celebrities tagging product sponsors in their images, these tags aim to be less intrusive for mobile users.


Adding the new shopping feature allows brands to tag their products in photos. This is similar to viewing people who have been tagged; users can tap the photo to see the products included.


If you want to see more detail on a particular item, you’ll be able to select the tag and you’ll be taken to an in-app page with the product’s details, images and price.


Once you’ve seen more information, you’ll be able to “Shop Now” with a link that takes you directly to the product’s page on the brand’s website.



Shoppable tags will put an end to “click link in bio” that we’re used to seeing and will most likely help to improve sales for these brands. Instagram’s signature high quality imagery is also unharmed, as users will have to tap on the image to view products.


By showing the product pages through the Instagram app, each brand will be able to show their products faster as opposed to consumers waiting for an external website to load.


This feature is still in the early stages, but there are plans for it to be rolled out in other countries in the future.


Instagram is also planning to add additional features that would allow you to save specific items for later, letting users browse colours and other options before making a decision. Product recommendations would let brands show their products to users who don’t follow them, as a subtler version of advertising for brands.


Following in Facebook’s footsteps, it could also introduce products showcased in video or carousel format.


This will definitely save us endless Google searches; we’re hoping it comes to the UK soon! Let us know what you think about the new feature on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Do you think a shopping feature is an improvement to Instagram? Or do you think it’s becoming too brand focussed? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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