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Sep 22 2023

Information or Entertainment: What Content Should You Prioritise on Social Media?

In the world of social media marketing, the age-old question persists: what is the most engaging content to prioritise on social media? As businesses and brands, we are constantly striving to strike the perfect balance in our content strategy. We want to educate our audience yet keep them engaged and entertained. But is there a definitive answer to which type of content reigns supreme? Well, not exactly.


The truth is the ‘right’ content depends heavily on the platform you’re using and the audience you’re targeting. Each social media platform has its own unique strengths and user expectations, meaning that what works well on one might not necessarily work on another. In this post, we’ll delve into the nuances of different platforms, helping you understand what marketing content you should prioritise on each social media platform.


The Content Conundrum: Information vs. Entertainment

When deciding what engaging content you should prioritise on social media platforms, it’s crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses of two major types of content: informative and entertaining.


Informative Content

As its name suggests, is all about delivering practical, relevant information to your audience. It’s a fantastic tool for establishing your brand as an authority in your field, educating your audience, and providing value. However, too much informational content can sometimes feel dry or overwhelming to your audience, leading to less engagement.


Entertaining Content

On the other hand, entertaining content is designed to captivate, amuse, and engage your audience. It’s great for humanising your brand, fostering a sense of community, and grabbing attention in busy social media feeds. However, if it’s all fun and games, your audience might struggle to take your brand seriously or understand what you’re offering.


So, what’s the solution? Well, the choice between information and entertainment isn’t as black and white as it may seem. The most effective social media strategies often incorporate a mix of both. It’s not necessarily about choosing one over the other but understanding when and where each type of content is most effective.


Entertaining Social Media - Information or Entertainment: What Content Should You Prioritise on Social Media?

Top Tips for Aligning Content with Platform

When setting out your social media strategy, you’ll probably find yourself wondering if posting entertaining content is better for social media engagement. It’s an important question, but the answer isn’t as straightforward as one might think. It’s not just about the type of content; it’s about aligning that content with the unique characteristics and audience expectations of each platform.


Entertaining Content Across Platforms and Its Performance



Here, entertaining content tends to perform exceptionally well due to its diverse user base and interactive features. Engaging posts can encourage users to like, share, and comment, fostering a sense of community around your brand. Things like:

  • Humorous anecdotes
  • Compelling human-interest stories
  • Interactive quizzes or games
  • Captivating videos.



This is a visually driven platform where aesthetically pleasing and emotionally engaging content reigns supreme. Try using:

  • Creative photos
  • Short video clips
  • Instagram Reels
  • Stories that evoke laughter, inspiration, or curiosity


X (formerly Twitter, thanks, Elon!)

Here, wit, humour, and timely relevance are key. Cleverly crafted tweets, especially those related to trending topics or embedded with popular memes, can quickly go viral. This sparks conversations, prompts retweets, and garners likes, thereby increasing visibility and engagement.



While this is primarily a professional networking platform, it doesn’t mean entertaining content is out of place. Think:

  • Light-hearted posts
  • Relatable work-life balance anecdotes
  • Creative videos showcasing company culture



This platform is all about entertainment. Users flock to this platform for its fun, creative, and trend-driven content. These types of content that can rapidly amass views, likes, shares, and comments, skyrocketing your brand’s engagement:

  • Viral dances
  • Comedic skits
  • Challenges



Is a platform where creative storytelling can keep viewers hooked, prompt them to like, share, and subscribe, and encourage comments, all of which boost engagement. Plump for:

  • Engaging vlogs
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Animated shorts
  • Humorous product reviews


Entertained by informative social media - Information or Entertainment: What Content Should You Prioritise on Social Media?

Tips for Creating Entertaining Content

Understand Your Audience: Know their preferences, interests, and sense of humour to create content that resonates with them.


Leverage Trends: Incorporate trending topics, memes, or challenges relevant to your brand without losing your unique voice.


Visual Appeal: Use eye-catching graphics, high-quality videos, and creative imagery to attract attention.


Storytelling: Craft compelling narratives that evoke emotions, making your content more relatable and memorable.


Informative Content Across Platforms and Its Performance



Informative content, such as:

  • Industry updates
  • How-to guides
  • Educational posts.

These can position your brand as a knowledgeable authority. This not only builds trust but also prompts users to like, share, and comment, driving engagement.



While primarily visual, this platform can host informative content.

  • Educational infographics
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Insightful captions

When presented in an engaging visual format, these can resonate with users, encouraging likes, comments, and shares.



Is ideal for delivering bite-sized informational content. Quick tips, industry news, thought-provoking quotes, or insights into trending topics can stimulate retweets, likes, and conversations, enhancing engagement.


This platform is the home ground for informative content.

  • Insightful articles
  • Industry trends
  • Company news
  • Thought leadership pieces

Content like this can establish your brand as a credible expert. This not only attracts views and likes but also encourages shares and sparks meaningful discussions, driving engagement.


TikTok and YouTube

While entertainment-focused, can also host informational content.

  • Innovative how-to videos
  • Quick tutorials
  • Educational series, presented in an entertaining manner

This kind of thing provides immense value to users while keeping them engaged, thereby driving likes, shares, comments, and subscriptions.


Tips for Creating Informative Content

Relevance and Value: Ensure the information you share is relevant to your audience and provides value in terms of knowledge or solutions.


Presentation: Present complex data or information in an easily digestible and visually appealing format to attract and retain attention.


Storytelling: Here, there’s a crossover with entertaining content. Use the power of narrative to make complex or dry information more engaging and understandable.


Timeliness: Keep your content updated and timely to maintain its relevance and usefulness.


So, is posting entertaining content better for social media engagement? Not necessarily. The key is to understand the platform and audience dynamics and strike a balance between entertaining and informational content.


Elevate Your Social Media Strategy with One2create

At One2create, we offer personalised guidance to align your content with each platform’s unique dynamics, ensuring maximum engagement.


Visit our Social Media Marketing page for more insights into successful strategies and trends. Don’t just post – post with purpose. Contact us today, and let’s start creating engaging content that genuinely clicks with your audience.

Information vs Entertaining - Information or Entertainment: What Content Should You Prioritise on Social Media?

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