Importance of a Mobile Friendly Blog
Jun 15 2016

The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Blog

There are around 150 million websites around today so getting your voice heard in the crowd can be difficult. Becoming mobile friendly is one of the things your company can do to help boost your site rankings.


We are growing more and more attached to our smartphones. Everyone has noticed how the smart phone has become an extension of someone’s hand.


Always being with our tiny computers naturally means browsing online whilst on the move. As they have become more developed, the price has also reduced as companies have found cheaper ways to produce them. Most people now use their phone as their main online browsing device.


There have been such rapid changes in the way users are browsing online that companies need to adapt quickly or get left behind.


UPDATE: Mobile has now overtaken Desktop as the most popular device to browse the internet with (Oct 2016), read more in our Mobile Vs Desktop infographic.


What is a mobile friendly site?


Mobile Friendly doesn’t just mean being able to view your website on a mobile device.


It’s also about having a website that’s been specifically designed for smaller screens. This means larger touch-screen buttons for easy navigation and simplifying the overall look so users can easily find what they need.


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If your website isn’t mobile friendly, a user will most likely quickly get frustrated and will ditch it to look at another website that solves their problem faster.


This means you’ll not only be losing a potential customer to a competitor, you’re missing out on future revenue. For more tips on keeping users on your site, take a look at this guide on how to write content that engages mobile users.


Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons to be mobile friendly:


  • Having a mobile friendly site helps SEO and also improves your rankings on search engines such as Google or Yahoo.


  • A mobile site provides a better user experience. If your social media business page links to your website, users will want to see a mobile friendly site when they follow the link as they are most likely to be browsing from a mobile device.


  • If a user has a good experience on your mobile site, they are likely to return to it on a desktop when they are making a decision or purchasing a product.


  • Adjusting your site to fit a mobile screen doesn’t cost a huge amount, and will increase both interaction and purchases.


  • People are more likely to buy from mobile sites; they have double the conversion rates compared to desktop browsing.


Remember, people are impatient, so browsing online needs to look simple and easy to navigate.


If your site doesn’t load within three seconds, potential customers will look elsewhere. Any business that already has a site that is compatible with mobile will be at an advantage.


If you’re struggling to create a responsive, mobile friendly website, then we can help. All you have to do to start attracting more mobile users is get in touch.


Let us know whether you think a mobile friendly blog is important, or if you have any more advice, we’d love to hear from you! Comment or get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.


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