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May 02 2016

How to Use Pinterest

Do you want to use Pinterest, but don’t have any idea how to start? Do you yearn to join the multitudes of users who’re enjoying the inspirational pictures shared on a daily basis? Then follow our simple guide on how to use Pinterest.



  1. Sign up. Pinterest gives you the option to sign in with either your Facebook or Linkedin profile, but you can still sign up with your email address instead. Follow the instructions on screen, and verify your account when they sent through the first email.


  1. Create your own profile once you’ve logged in for the first time. This really is as simple as it sounds; it’s like creating your Facebook profile. If you have other social media profiles, then try to be consistent with your user name. This makes it easier to remember your log in details in the future.


  1. Check your settings. When starting out, you can keep email notifications on if you want to. The email notifications give you information on who’s Re-pinned your pins, and what other users have uploaded. You can turn them off later if they start clogging up your inbox.


  1. Create your first board. Don’t worry initially if you start to regret the board name, you can change this at a later date. Add a description if you want to, and add a topic.
    The description is you telling your fellow Pinners what the board will have on it, and the topic is a broad section any of your pins will appear in e.g. Cars & Motorcycles, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness.


  1. You have the option to make the board secret or public. This really is as simple as it sounds. You can only see a secret board, and any users on Pinterest can see a public board. It’s up to you how you publish the board really.


  1. Start Pinning 🙂 You can search Pins by topic, or you can use your own search term, it’s entirely up to you. As soon as you’ve found a Pin you like, just click on Pin It. You’ll be asked which board you would like to add it to. Once you’ve done this, you can see that Pin again and again in the future.



So there we have it, a very simple breakdown on how to use Pinterest. It’s not as hard as it sounds, and soon becomes a well of inspiration for your personal and business life.



If you’re a business owner, blogger or content marketer, you might find our article on “How to Promote on Pinterest” useful. It includes our hints and top tips to help drive traffic to your website.


So there we have it, the simple steps to using Pinterest. Do you use Pinterest a lot, either at home or at work? We’d love to hear them! Comment or get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

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