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Jul 19 2016

How to Promote on Pinterest

It doesn’t have to be hard to promote on Pinterest. You can use pins, boards and followers to promote your blog, your business or your creations; all it takes is a simple marketing strategy, and a basic understanding of this social media website works.


Every brand, blog or business has a story to tell, and images speak 1000 words. Creating stunning visual content for your business is one of the easiest ways to promote content on Pinterest.


Striking, high-quality images and infographics are some of the easiest to share, as the “Pin It” tool on Pinterest means every “Pinner” (yes, that’s what Pinterest call their users) can keep everything they like on one Board, easily accessible and easily shareable.


How to Promote on Pinterest

Share your lifestyle, not your products.

If you love organisation, then share images of unique, quirky organisational tools or products that you like. You should create a board to keep all of the Pins in one place that can be shared by your followers and potential customers.


Add value.

If you know your customers are coming to you with specific problems, then create a solution and share it on Pinterest.


For example, if you’re a gardening website, and some of your customers are struggling with slugs, then share an image on Pinterest of how to get rid of them, including a link back to your website in the description. 


Make your Pins memorable.

If you share a unique, high-quality and beautiful image, then your followers are more likely to Pin It on their own boards.


There are tools available that you can use to create stunning visuals, but sometimes all it takes is to add some text to your image, or give it a new style of border. Make it unique, and people are more likely to take notice. If you want to edit the picture yourself, then you could use these free alternatives to Photoshop.


The problem with other social media sites (such as Twitter) is that so many people are Tweeting, one update can quickly become lost. Load up Twitter, keep an eye on one Tweet, and leave it open for five minutes. How many new Tweets have been uploaded in that time?


Most of the time, Pinners will click through on Pins that link back to a blog post, feature article and photos, but most will try not to click through onto online shops or brand websites.


You need to think like your customer. What are THEY going to gain from sharing your Pin, or clicking on a link to your website?


If they’re clicking through a link onto a blog post, that blog post needs to have content that is useful to your audience. You can’t use Pinterest to redirect all users back to your online shop; this is spammy and can quickly turn people away from your brand.


So there we have it, how to promote your content on Pinterest. What do you think? Hopefully you’ve found it useful, and if you have then we’d love it if you could share this on your own social media sites. If you’ve got some of your own top tips, then we’d love to hear from you too.

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