How to improve your Facebook posts - How to improve your Facebook posts
Oct 19 2015

How to improve your Facebook posts

Do you market your business on Facebook, but find that you’re not getting enough reach? After spending time crafting updates, it’s discouraging when your audience doesn’t engage.


However, where there’s a will, there’s a way and we have several for you to apply to your Facebook posts.


1. Write your posts for skim readers


People simply don’t have time to read through a hefty essay of a post. Write your content as if you were the audience and think about what attracts you to a post. Pick out the key points and make it concise, so it gives the reader exactly what they need. The quicker they get to the point, the more likely they’ll click or engage with it.


2. Use visuals to attract users


On Facebook you can post four different types of content including, images, links, text and video. The latter has become increasingly popular recently, however, like anything, you need to analyse what is best for your business. There’s no point in posting content that won’t interest your audience, if anything, it’ll put them off, and we don’t want that!


However, people are more likely to engage with a post when there‘s a visual attached. For example, when driving traffic to blog you’ve just posted, attach the image as well as the link to attract your audience.


3. #Hashtag


Before you listen to someone who jumps down your neck about how hashtags are only for Twitter, try out using them yourself. Add relevant hashtags to your posts for a month and then go back and compare to the previous month. Yes, it may not work for some, but it could for you, so don’t knock ‘em ‘til you try ‘em.


4. Play around with scheduling times


Many Facebook managers prefer to post when the content is ready, however, there are times and days that are better than others. Posting at specific times will help maximise your post, giving it as much potential reach. Think about your audience and when they’re most likely to see the posts, as well as engage, whether that’s early mornings, lunchtimes, or evenings.


You can see when your target audience are online via Facebook Insights. By using this tool you can track user interaction, determining the best day of the week and time to post content, as well as what type of content is most popular.


5. Chop and change your post descriptions to suit you


Facebook automatically collects your post’s link’s metadata (a set of data that describes and provides information about other data), however, you have the option to edit its description. If the link’s original is too long or short you can edit it as you please, or you can add your own description completely.


Also, don’t forget that all Facebook posts are searchable. Take advantage of this, as this is fantastic chance to incorporate your own keywords! You’ll understand this anyway, but make sure that the description you change or rewrite correlates with the post’s content 😉


We hope these tips help improve your Facebook post reach and if there are any tips you can add, please feel free to let us know.


Also, if you have any other social media related topics you’d like us to cover, give us a shout!


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