188 - Has your Facebook business page had a facelift?
Jun 04 2014

Has your Facebook business page had a facelift?

With all the recent changes in social media land, there’s been a lot going on.


So you’d be forgiven if you’ve missed the changes that Facebook are slowly rolling out. But fear not, it’s not all doom and gloom! You won’t really need to change much, and your existing branding will still look fine.


So lets take a look at what’s new:





The new streamlined look, says Facebook, has been designed to make it easier for your fans and future fans to find the information they want. Whether that’s your website URL, number of likes or integrated apps (Twitter, Instagram, Newsletter etc), these now appear on the left hand side of your page.


For administrators of the page you get to see a spangly new snapshot banner on the right, showing your page likes, post reach, notifications & messages for the week.


The new streamlined look means that your posts, running down the middle of the two areas will display correctly on your page and newsfeed no matter what device you view the page on.




A great new feature is ‘Pages to watch’, which allow you to keep an eye on relevant pages like competitors or inspirational brands, and compare their performance against your own.


When you add a page to your watch list the admins of that page will receive a notification their Page has been added to another business page’s watch list, but Facebook does not disclose the name of the Page that added them.



What do you think of the new changes? Do you think they’re a positive or negative for business pages? For more information about our social media branding and strategy services, click here.

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EC 150x150 - Has your Facebook business page had a facelift?
Elly Cattermole

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