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Mar 09 2017

National Apprenticeship Week 2017 – Content Marketing

From Monday 6th to Friday 10th March 2017, it’s going to be National Apprenticeship Week throughout the UK, and here at One2create we’ve been joining in.


Our creative team is made up of exceptional individuals, and throughout this week we’ve been publishing a series of posts written by each of our apprentices.


Our Junior Content Marketer Marianne has written the final post in the series, and incase you were wondering why she doesn’t have “apprentice” in her title; she’s just finished her course and has been promoted.


Marianne joined One2create in March 2016, and has been managing our clients’ social media since her first week.


  1. Why did you choose an apprenticeship over a University course?


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at University so I saw it as a bit of a waste of money just going for the sake of it. Any jobs I was looking at that interested me needed experience, so I saw an apprenticeship as the best way to gain experience and as a bonus, get paid!


  1. What made you choose your apprenticeship?


I’ve always been interested in marketing and I like to be creative. When I heard the job description for my apprenticeship, it sounded like the perfect combination of what I wanted to do.


  1. What’s it like working at One2create?


There’s always something different going on in the office. Working on social media, we try to come up with fun ideas to try out (making cocktails, having a “bring your dog to work” day or an office Olympics). People are always willing to help you when you need it so it’s a great environment to be learning in.


  1. How do you think your apprenticeship is going to help your career in the future?


I think an apprenticeship was the best thing I could have done. I’ve now had so much experience in different areas of work that my cv looks great! I feel like the hands on work and taking on responsibility has given me a head start and a big confidence boost in my ability.


  1. What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship at One2create?


There are a lot of horror stories around about apprenticeships. I’ve heard of companies taking advantage, leaving people jobless after completing their training or others not having really learnt anything after a year at work.


One2create has been the opposite. From the start they have been supportive and even provided extra training in animation to add to our skills. I was surprised at the responsibility I was given, even in my first week I was running our social media accounts.


I enjoy the variety of tasks and clients I deal with. The opportunity to suggest ideas and have them carried out is something I really didn’t expect to happen in my first year at a company.


However I think overall, the best thing to come from my apprenticeship is a job! I’ve started One2create’s trainee programme after finishing my apprenticeship at the end of February 😀


  1. What are the main skills that you’ve learnt since your apprenticeship started?


Everything! Even simple things like emailing or having a phone call with a client were completely new to me, so I feel like I’ve definitely gained confidence with that.


On top of all the basic bits, I’ve learnt about marketing, social media management, blog writing, content creation (images and fun things), and I’m looking forward to learning more!


  1. What advice would you give someone that’s thinking about taking on an apprenticeship role?


Decide what interests you most and get as much experience as you can.


Don’t be scared about making mistakes or coming up with ideas, no one’s going to tell you off, you’re there to learn and that’s all part of it. (And make sure you keep up to date with your college work! 😉 )


So there we have it, the final post in our series. Incase you missed the last few, we’ve listed them below for you.



Are you an apprentice at the moment? Or are you considering making the move into paid learning? We’d love to hear your own thoughts and experience, so let us know in the comments below.


Likewise, if you want to give us a shout-out on Twitter, then you can find us here. We’re also on Facebook, and we always like to meet new people, so head over here and give us a Like.

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