183 - 5 Ways to Stay Creative
Apr 24 2014

5 Ways to Stay Creative

Working in a creative agency means we all have tonnes of ideas floating around the office pretty much all the time. However, like everyone else, we sometimes hit a massive creative block. Everyone has experienced a lack of motivation or creativity at some point, especially if you do the same things in your job every day.


Here are five top ways you can stay creative.




Some people like to use a notepad and a pen, others would rather use the notepad app or voice memo apps on their phone but whichever way you choose, you should keep a note of everything that you think. In our experience, creativity can strike at the strangest of times, in the strangest of places. Get those ideas out straight away, because they will just disappear from your mind and they ain’t comin’ back.




It’s all very well having an idea that you have written down in a journal, but all too often people will give up half way through a project or idea. If you start to feel a little deflated or feel your enthusiasm has fizzled away, try to approach the project from a different direction.




People who work from home a lot find that working outside is a great way to stay creative. Sitting in the garden or in a coffee shop can help fuel your creativity. The walls of an office may make you feel a little claustrophobic and restrict the ideas in your brain. Fresh air can help reignite some creativity in your mind!




Taking some time out to just relax is a really good way to refresh your creative mind! If you’re feeling stressed or lacklustre then concentrating on your breathing for a short time can significantly reduce stress. The best part? You don’t even have to get up! Just turn around from your desk and close your eyes and breathe deeply. You’ll feel much better afterwards and hopefully the creativity will come rushing back to you!




Being around creative people can definitely help your creativeness. You can help bounce ideas off one another and give constructive criticism when necessary. This is also a great way to see things from a different perspective, so if you have friends in the creative industry then get in contact with them!

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